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Mobile Marketing for Local Business | Why Local Business needs Mobile Part 1

Mobile Marketing for Australian Local Business Part 1

The adoption of smart phones is multiplying year on year. A share of the web website traffic can now be associated to smart phones.

Keeping in view these styles in the favor of mobile devices, it has come to be a lot more crucial for the enterprises to spend into a mobile advertising and marketing . The strategy generally starts from having a mobile site or an app that is far more user simple and friendly to use depending on the much smaller display dimension when compared with the computer system screens.

This report goes over some essential stats from study records, fads in usage of mobile tools and a few case studies on leveraging mobile advertising and marketing to drive sales.

Here are the first 25 Facts
1. 89% of all smartphone users use theirs consistently throughout the day. Source: Anson Alex
2. 9 out of every 10 smart phone owners use their phones every single day. Anson Alex
3. iPhone users download the most apps out of any OS group. Source: Anson Alex
4. Android users download approximately 36 apps per month. Source: Anson Alex
5. There are more Android users are below the age of 34 than iPhone users. Source: Anson Alex
6. 4 out 5 people have a cellphone worldwide. Source: Anson Alex
7. The majority of people from the ages between 18-to-34 have smartphones. Source: Anson Alex
8. Both Android and Windows 7 Phone operating systems are expected to overcome Apple’s iOS operating system by 2016. Source: Gartner & Digital Trend.
9. 13% of all internet traffic is received from a mobile phone. Source: Forbes
10. As of 2013, approximate 4.3 billion people will own a cellphone. Source: Communities Dominate
11. The mobile phone industry is worth $1.45 trillion. Source: Communities Dominate.
12. Mobile web traffic is very hot — it increased 27% in 2012 alone. Source: Google Mobile Planet via SmartInsights
13. 70% of all mobile searches result in action (buying, calling) within one hour. Source: AnchorMobile
14. About ½ of all local searches are done via mobile phone. Source: Microsoft Tag via SmartInsights.
15. The use of search engines via mobile devices has grown over 500% since the year 2011. Source: Communities Dominate.
16. Mobile coupons get 10 times the redemption rate of a traditional clip-out coupon. Source: AnchorMobile.
17. The average text message is answered within 90 seconds of being sent out. Source: AnchorMobile
18. Last year’s Cyber Monday generated over $750 million in sales through mobile devices. Source: National Retail Federation Via Digby
19. Mentioning your location in mobile ads can increase your reply rate by a stunning 200%. Source: AnchorMobile
20. There are about 6.7 BILLION mobile accounts in existence. Source: Communities Dominate.
21. 60% of all people who are alive on this planet right now have a mobile account and own at least one phone. Source: Communities Dominate.
22. 83% of all phones currently in use have cameras in them. Source: Communities Dominate.
23. There are 5 cellphones for every DVD player in existence. Source: Communities Dominate.
24. The average person looks at their phone’s news alerts 6 times per day. Source: Communities Dominate.
25. 100% of all smart phones have text messaging built into them. Source: Communities Dominate

Amazing Mobile Phone

70% of all mobile searches result in action (buying, calling) within one hour

For Facts 26-50 see

For Facts 51-75 see


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