How QR Codes can Help your Business

How a QR Codes can Help your Business

.Mobile marketing has been kicked into the the next generation with the proliferation of QR Code (Quick Response Code). If you’re not familiar with what a QR code is you have probably seen them on posters in magazine articles/advertisements or even in your local news paper.

English: The Gps Qr Code

The Gps Qr Code (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So how can this funny little bar code help your business?

A QR Code can be utilized in many different ways and can be a VERY powerful tool when bundled with other marketing methods. For example you can place a QR code in your newspaper or magazine ad that when scanned with a smart phone will take people straight to mobile optimized web page with an offer or coupon.

You can even use a QR code in conjunction with an SMS text messaging campaign to allow people to opt-in to your list when they scan your QR code. This greatly enhances your list building efforts by giving users an easy way to join your SMS list in less steps then it would normally take..QR codes can also hold your business card information. So once you hand out a business card to someone they can scan your QR code and instantly have your contact information added to their address book on their smart phone.

These are just a few quick examples of how QR codes can help your business and marketing efforts. Please contact us for more information regarding QR codes and other exciting mobile marketing products that can help your business with quantifiable or our official facebook page…