How to Attract Customers with Mobile Marketing

How to Attract Customers with Mobile Marketing

It’s probably apparent to you at this time that your competitors are already taking advantage of the latest mobile marketing craze to attract new clients and sales for their business.

The question is, are you?

With the proliferation of smart phones everywhere consumers are now using the mobile Internet more then ever before. Statistics show that the most popular social media sites in the world attract half their traffic from mobile devices. But mobile Internet is not just for social media. Local businesses are now utilizing this new medium to reach their targeted market like never before. The results is more inquiries more business and most importantly more sales.

As bad as this may sound but 90% of mobile users keep their cell phones within arms reach all the time, even when they sleep! This demonstrates how important mobile marketing is for reaching your target market like never before By aligning your business with mobile marketability it will enable your business to attract new and returning customers like never before. The results will speak for themselves.

Ensuring your website is “mobile-ready,” is the first crucial step but there is also SMS marketing and QR code marketing which when bundled together can create new age media campaigns which will show ROI for your advertising dollars like never seen before.

Where do you start?

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Attract Customers with Mobile Marketing

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SMS Text Marketing and How it’s Helping your Business

SMS Text Marketing and How it’s Helping your Business

IMresources Aus can help local businesses setup effective text message marketing campaigns for their customers.

Businesses are starting to experience the fact that large mobile phone usage is not receding. In fact, it is expected to raise over the next few years.
Did you know that a great deal of families have quit their regular phones (LAN line) for mobile phones? Soon most homes will rely on their mobile phones for communication and Internet Coverage.

Practically everyone has their personal smart phone so there’s really not a need for LAN line phones anymore for most people.

Are you beginning to see just how important it is for companies to become “mobilized”?

Text messaging is not only utilized for sending advertising deals and details.

Many are calculating that Text Message Marketing will eventually become the preferred method of communication to consumers and customers with things such as appointment tips, questionnaires, self-help services, and a lot more.

It is a cheaper and more efficient way to market your Goods or Services. It also has a much better opening rate when compared to Ads (newspaper, Yellow Pages, TV, Google or Facebook)

As a company manager, your aim is always to stay aware of the current marketing techniques that can bring you more revenues and enhance your ROI.

Don’t neglect the one marketing method that may create brand name brand-new customers as well as repeat customers with extremely little effort.

If you will like to discover even more pertaining to exactly how SMS Text Message Marketing gets the job done, consult me at for a free appointment.

SMS Text Marketing

SMS Text Marketing and How it’s Helping your Business or our official facebook page