10 Misconceptions about Mobile Marketing in Australia

10 Mistaken beliefs about Mobile Marketing in Australia

1 Regular Websites are Built for Viewing on Computers – Not Mobile Devices

  • Mobile Web Surfers are Frustrated by Slow-Loading Times and Difficult Navigation
  • Without a Mobile-Friendly Site, You are Missing Out on Potential Sales

2 Mobile Marketing Is Expensive

  • Compared to Traditional Advertising Methods, Mobile Marketing is Inexpensive
  • Mobile Marketing Also Has a Higher ROI than Most Other Types of Traditional Marketing

3 Text Message Marketing Is Spam

  • Text Message Marketing is Permission-Based, so Subscribers “Opt-In” Because They Want to Receive Your Messages
  • Be Sure to Provide an Easy Way to “Opt-Out” in Every Message You Send

4 Mobile Marketing Doesn’t Work for Small Local Businesses

  • Mobile Marketing Creates a “Personal Connection” Between You and Your Customers
  • Mobile Marketing Builds Brand Loyalty and Trust, Which Ultimately Leads to More Sales

5 Consumers Only Use Their Phones for Social Media and Playing Games

  • People Use Mobile for Various Tasks – Such as Shopping, Banking, Emailing, and So Much More
  • As Mobile Screens Become Bigger and Download Speeds Become Faster, Mobile Usage will Continue to Soar

6 Mobile Marketing is Not Effective

  • Mobile Marketing is One of the Best Ways to Engage Consumers who Are Closest to the Point of Purchase
  • Mobile is the Perfect Way to Present Interactive Information to Your Audience When They Need it Most

7 Mobile Marketing Only Works if Your Target Audience is Young

  • More Than ½ of Mobile Phone Users are Over the Age of 35
  • So Most Mobile Users are in the “Buying” Age Groups

8 Mobile Marketing Replaces All Other Marketing

  • Mobile is Not a “Replacement,” but an “Addition” to Your Overall Marketing Strategy
  • Let the World Know You’re Mobile by Adding it to All Other Marketing Materials and Methods

9 Your Mobile Website Must Be an Exact Replica of Your Regular Website

  • Everything on Your Regular Website Cannot Fit On a Mobile Site Comfortably
  • Mobile Sites Cater to “On-the-Go” Consumers and Should Only Provide the Type of Information They Would Be Looking For

10 Mobile Marketing is Not Necessary Because Your Competitors Aren’t Using it

  • As with Any Type of Marketing, Your Goal is to be “Ahead of the Curve”
  • Waiting for Your Competitors to Go Mobile Could Set You Up for Failure
  • Fast-Action Takers Win

10 Mistaken beliefs about Mobile Marketing in Australia

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