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Google Local Mobile Search– Are You Benefiting from This Free Resource?

According to Google, around 40% of web searches on mobiles include a location in them. People are looking for ‘pizza in Perth,’ ‘Brisbane pest control,’ or ‘Dubbo dentist.’ This is because they use their mobiles to find local services. If you want them to find you, your business has to be there.

Google has offered local search for mobiles since 2005. It works just like PC local search but with a few differences. The results are simpler and focus more on maps and driving directions.

But as mobile searches have grown more popular and local keywords have been increasingly used in searches, it’s now offering much more. The search engine now uses the GPS capabilities of smartphones to deliver location-specific results. Search results and ad placement are automatically tailored to your physical location.

Know Your Place

First of all, make sure you’re listed in Google Places and other location services like True Local, Tripadvisor. and Bing Local Search. These sites are all huge and play a major part in search results. If you’re already listed, claim your listing so you can control it.

Fill in your profile completely and optimize for relevant keywords. Google Places gives your listing a ‘score,’ and if it’s not filled out, it’ll be low. This adversely affects your ranking in the search results.

Add plenty of photos and information to your profile. Highlight your specialties and the things that set your business apart from others in the area. This is the kind of information people are looking for. Also, ask your customers to leave good reviews for you.

Your Mobile Site

Make sure you’ve got a mobile version of your site. Optimize it for location-specific keywords. A great way to get traffic to your site is to offer mobile coupons. They click a button and get a deal. This can be the deciding factor when somebody is trying to choose between your business and a similar one.

mobile-only feature that's acquiring in appeal is click to call. You placed a button on your site and when they tap the button, their phone makes the call.

click to call

Click to Call

A mobile-only feature that’s gaining in popularity is click to call. You put a button on your site and when they tap the button, their phone makes the call. This is much quicker and easier than having to dial the number. For lots of mobile searchers, when they find a business they like, the next step is to call them and ask a few questions. Click to call makes it easy for them to do this.

Local Extensions for AdWords

If you’re using Google AdWords, take advantage of local extensions. This feature automatically attaches your address to your business, which means that your ads get shown to people who are searching in your local area. If they type ‘pizza’ into Google search, they’ll get ads that contain both the keyword and location extensions.

More and more, people are looking for the services they need on their mobiles. Google has responded by offering services to connect them to your business. Take advantage of these services by optimizing your sites and profiles for local search and you can get great local advertising without spending a dime. If you want them to find you, your business needs to exist.

Google has provided local search for mobiles because 2005. It works much like COMPUTER search yet with a few distinctions. The results are simpler and concentrate much more on maps and driving instructions.

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Australian Local Businesses Need a Mobile Optimized Website

Australian Local Businesses Need a Mobile Optimized Website

Aside from having a normal website, every Australian entrepreneur must look at getting a mobile optimized web site for their company for these key reasons..

It is estimated that over 90 % Australians are mobile phone customers and are increasingly making use of the phone for words messaging and Internet accessibility. Even in developing countries, individuals might not have operating water or real estate yet they still have a mobile phone.

Mobile phone units actually originated from the simple mobile phone that now they can make phone calls and send/receive content information. Not maximizing your site for mobile will definitely lead to lost revenue.

Mobile web traffic is very hot – it increased 27% in 2012 alone

Australian Mobile web traffic increased 27% in 2012 alone

Because of the mobile nature of smart phones and their small size, an increasing number of people are utilizing their phones to go online rather compared to using their computers. Combined with the proliferation of wireless hotspots in public regions, mobile phone individuals can access the web from more places like purchasing shopping malls, colleges and dining establishments. They find it even more beneficial and less of a headache as they can utilize their smart phones while on the go. It also gives them access to their beloved social networks links like Facebook and Twitter, aids them to acquire instructions using the GPS applications and gives them with amusement as they pay attention to new music and play pc games. An increasing number of people are selecting the smart phone as the internet hookup of option.

Another benefit of mobile marketing is that users have an increased brand-recall compared to traditional advertising, and — interestingly – the vast majority remember the specific call to action or our official facebook page…

Mobile Marketing Are You Using It To Your Advantage

Mobile Marketing Are You Using It To Your Advantage

Are you looking for a brand-new method to reach prospective customers from their Mobile phone? Are you wondering just how the popularity of mobile devices improve your business? Keep reading! This article will provide you some important tips on marketing to customers that have mobile devices. It’s information that any modern marketing expert must know.

See to it that you give your consumers an effortless method to choose out of mobile marketing messages (opting out of a circulation list). Even if consumers prefer to quit getting mobile information, they will likely bear in mind that you made it easy and be more likely to opt back in if they see the value

If you use outsourcers, make certain you illustrate to them how and exactly how not to approach social media. this is essential for mobile marketing, and the last think you need is somebody representing your company choosing to junk mail social sites or to highlight your company in a bad light.

Do not send your notifications anytime. Individuals will not cherish getting a message from you in the middle of the night. Probably you could also divide your customer foundation by time zones to ensure that you do not send out a notification at a strange hr. Avoid delivering messages in holiday periods.

HubSpot offers a device that permits you to select various mobile landing pages to do split testing. You can easily develop 2 different getting web pages that have different copy, buttons, headings and graphics, then test them both out to see which one returns the best results for your business.

Mobile Marketing Using It To Your Advantage

Mobile Marketing Are you Using It To Your Advantage?

Mobile marketing works best when combined together with external sources. Make sure you have specific mobile landing pages for each mobile banner.

Make a social advertising policy. Every business ought to have policies to help control correct behavior, and mobile marketing is no exception. You ought to ensure that every participant of your business knows and recognizes that policy, and take actions to ensure that it will be followed in any sort of occasion.

Geo target your audience for a successful mobile marketing project. GPS allowed applications are favored, and you can easily increase web traffic to your company by using them. Check out the sites involved with these applications and make sure it suits your business. Request that users leave reviews there as well. Your website traffic will increase and business could increase.

It’s important to take benefit of the possibilities that mobile marketing provides.

Make sure that you offer your consumers a simple way to opt out of mobile marketing notifications. Mobile marketing operates greatest when paired together with landing pages. Make sure you have specific mobile landing web pages for each mobile banner. Every company must have policies to keep proper standards behavior, and mobile marketing is no different. It’s essential to take benefit of the opportunities that mobile marketing offers. or our official facebook page…

Mobile Websites: Why Australian Local Business Needs Them

The Value of Having a Mobile-Friendly Websites For Australian Local Business

Most businesses nowadays are reliant, to some level, on drawing in sales using the internet. Social network, Search Engine Optimization, Video Marketing, and lots of various other online techniques are helping small businesses link with their local customers.

Nonetheless, quite a number of companies are skipping out on one crucial piece of the puzzle when it concerns efficiently marketing their companies:.

A mobile-friendly version of their site.

Merely take a look around at your consumers. One point that almost every person has today is that we could not function without our mobile devices.

The current sales upsurge in clever phones and tablet computers means that a growing number of individuals are accessing the net through a mobile device every day.

As the 4G connection remains to broaden across the globe, mobile net use is anticipated to broaden right in addition to it. As the following wave of mobile tools comes to be cheaper in cost, they will certainly likewise become more state-of-the-art with the potential to manage even a lot more complicated tasks.

Because of this, internet access to using mobile gadgets is specified to exceed desktop accessibility in the extremely close to future.

In order for small local businesses to be able to compete with the huge online companies, they required have a good mobile web visibility that clearly directs people to their items, services and location.

A tough, lucrative website structure is important if you wish to convert your website visitors in to revenue. However, if your web site does not have a mobile-friendly model, you are missing out on a huge percentage of real site visitors to your site.

Due to the way that mobile phones and tablet computers display websites, an internet site that looks wonderful on a desktop could be tough to browse and illegible on a mobile unit.

Today’s online search engine are created to be more device-specific in their results pages. This indicates an internet site that is not mobile-optimized may not even show up on the outcomes web pages for mobile internet users.

Several business managers fall short to see the influence this can have on their ability to benefit in these hard economic times. Overlooking this effective kind of advertising is a huge mistake.

Creating a website for your company that is tailored towards mobile users is a straightforward process. Mobile-friendly pages are frequently just a simpler variation of a common page, so they do not call for as much content as a normal web site.

In truth, your mobile website may quickly be developed with the content on your present website. The content and the quantity should be suitable in order to have a perfect mobile website that your customers will certainly enjoy.

Merely take a look at your customers. Watch when you walk down the road. Take a look around your own household. One thing that just about everybody has today and can not function without is their mobile gadgets.

Mobile-Friendly Websites For Australian Local Business

The Value of Having a Mobile-Friendly Websites For Australian Local Business or our official facebook page…

How to Attract Customers with Mobile Marketing

How to Attract Customers with Mobile Marketing

It’s probably apparent to you at this time that your competitors are already taking advantage of the latest mobile marketing craze to attract new clients and sales for their business.

The question is, are you?

With the proliferation of smart phones everywhere consumers are now using the mobile Internet more then ever before. Statistics show that the most popular social media sites in the world attract half their traffic from mobile devices. But mobile Internet is not just for social media. Local businesses are now utilizing this new medium to reach their targeted market like never before. The results is more inquiries more business and most importantly more sales.

As bad as this may sound but 90% of mobile users keep their cell phones within arms reach all the time, even when they sleep! This demonstrates how important mobile marketing is for reaching your target market like never before By aligning your business with mobile marketability it will enable your business to attract new and returning customers like never before. The results will speak for themselves.

Ensuring your website is “mobile-ready,” is the first crucial step but there is also SMS marketing and QR code marketing which when bundled together can create new age media campaigns which will show ROI for your advertising dollars like never seen before.

Where do you start?

Feel free to contact us we can schedule a time where I can show you our powerful mobile marketing services which will demonstrate just how effective mobile marketing really is.
We look forward to speaking with you

Attract Customers with Mobile Marketing

How to Attract Customers with Mobile Marketing or our official facebook page…

SMS Text Marketing and How it’s Helping your Business

SMS Text Marketing and How it’s Helping your Business

IMresources Aus can help local businesses setup effective text message marketing campaigns for their customers.

Businesses are starting to experience the fact that large mobile phone usage is not receding. In fact, it is expected to raise over the next few years.
Did you know that a great deal of families have quit their regular phones (LAN line) for mobile phones? Soon most homes will rely on their mobile phones for communication and Internet Coverage.

Practically everyone has their personal smart phone so there’s really not a need for LAN line phones anymore for most people.

Are you beginning to see just how important it is for companies to become “mobilized”?

Text messaging is not only utilized for sending advertising deals and details.

Many are calculating that Text Message Marketing will eventually become the preferred method of communication to consumers and customers with things such as appointment tips, questionnaires, self-help services, and a lot more.

It is a cheaper and more efficient way to market your Goods or Services. It also has a much better opening rate when compared to Ads (newspaper, Yellow Pages, TV, Google or Facebook)

As a company manager, your aim is always to stay aware of the current marketing techniques that can bring you more revenues and enhance your ROI.

Don’t neglect the one marketing method that may create brand name brand-new customers as well as repeat customers with extremely little effort.

If you will like to discover even more pertaining to exactly how SMS Text Message Marketing gets the job done, consult me at for a free appointment.

SMS Text Marketing

SMS Text Marketing and How it’s Helping your Business or our official facebook page

How QR Codes can Help your Business

How a QR Codes can Help your Business

.Mobile marketing has been kicked into the the next generation with the proliferation of QR Code (Quick Response Code). If you’re not familiar with what a QR code is you have probably seen them on posters in magazine articles/advertisements or even in your local news paper.

English: The Gps Qr Code

The Gps Qr Code (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So how can this funny little bar code help your business?

A QR Code can be utilized in many different ways and can be a VERY powerful tool when bundled with other marketing methods. For example you can place a QR code in your newspaper or magazine ad that when scanned with a smart phone will take people straight to mobile optimized web page with an offer or coupon.

You can even use a QR code in conjunction with an SMS text messaging campaign to allow people to opt-in to your list when they scan your QR code. This greatly enhances your list building efforts by giving users an easy way to join your SMS list in less steps then it would normally take..QR codes can also hold your business card information. So once you hand out a business card to someone they can scan your QR code and instantly have your contact information added to their address book on their smart phone.

These are just a few quick examples of how QR codes can help your business and marketing efforts. Please contact us for more information regarding QR codes and other exciting mobile marketing products that can help your business with quantifiable or our official facebook page…

SMS text marketing to build lists

SMS text marketing to build Australian lists

IMresourcesAUS can help local businesses setup effective text message marketing campaigns for their customers.

Texting has proliferated to the point where people are texting more then they are talking,this makes text message marketing an effective way to target your mobile audience.

People on your option SMS lists are people who want to receive your messages making ita very effective marketing tool, in fact over 95% of all SMS messages sent are opened and read within the first few minutes of being received.

Text message marketing lets you reach out to your client base instantly and much more effective then email marketing as the open rates are much higher on a properly planned and executed SMS campaign.

Text message marketing helps you build loyalty with your customers and is completely opt-in/out based letting you broadcast messages and offers such as coupons specials announcements all instantly.

The possibilities are pretty powerful as to what you can do and we would love to sit down with you for a free consultation to go over the options available to you and hopefully tailor a solution that’s right for your business.

We can be reached at and look forward to hearing from you soon.

SMS text marketing to build Australian lists

SMS text marketing to build Australian lists or our official facebook page…

Mobile Application Tips for Australian Local Companies

Mobile Application Tips for  Australian Local Companies

The world is coming to be considerably app-friendly, specifically because of the number of people that own Smartphones. Therefore, all businesses must at a minimum look into whether or not an application will be a great addition to their marketing funnel.

Mobile applications are easy, yet often complex software application that make life simple for mobile phone individuals. It is essential to note that just creating an application and tossing it online does not mean that it will work towards growing your business.

In reality, after creating and introducing an application to the general public, quite a number of entrepreneur quickly learn that best app they “believed” they had is a disaster. Though they’ve spent a ton of time and money, they go right back to the drawing board.

Consequently, prior to starting your mobile app quest, you require a solid plan in position to cover all facets of your app – from development to marketing.

Nevertheless, you most likely don’t recognize where to start when it come to producing and marketing mobile apps.This method will certainly generate even more local leads, consumers, and sales for your company. The fact is that a solid, professional mobile application may genuinely aid your company generate more returns.

Below are Some important tips to bear in mind that will certainly help you succeed with your mobile applications quest:.

1. Plan Ahead
2. Make Sure Your App Solves a Problem
3. Make Your App Visually Appealing
4. Make Your App Social Media-Friendly
5. Make Your App Interesting and Irresistible
6. Make Your App Easily Shareable
7. Offer Special Promotions
8. Keep it Simple KISS
9. Your Budget

We focus on assisting local companies linking with local customers by developing a strong mobile presence. Consult Us at for a free of cost, no obligation assessment!

Mobile Application Tips for Local Companies

4 out 5 people have a Mobile phone worldwide or our official facebook page…

Why Local Australian Business Needs a Mobile Optimised Site

Why Local Australian Business Needs a Mobile Optimised Site

According to a questionnaire, 3.84 % of little businesses that utilize mobile marketing see boost in their company task. 5 hundred (500) small company managers were evaluated and 70 of them use mobile marketing techniques. Of these 70 small businesses, 84 % suggested that they’ve seen an increase in their brand-new company activity caused by their initiatives in mobile marketing

Australian Business Needs a Mobile Optimised Site

Why Local Australian Business Needs a Mobile Optimised Site

This survey outcome is actually a good explanation to incorporate mobile marketing into your company’s marketing initiatives.
Yet another reason is the truth that the worldwide use of mobile phones is on a steady increase. In the United States alone, there are concerning 234 thousand Americans who own smart phones and greater than 80 million of them are using Smartphones. This number is still anticipated to increase due to the speedy means mobile technology passes on and the prices of these devices are obtaining more affordable.
Mobile modern technology is progressively becoming simpler definition that more people are finding it effortless and comfortable to utilize Mobile phones. Individuals of this tool now range from 18 and listed here to 65 and mentioned earlier age. The outcome: consumers are coming to be more open to mobile commerce and additional about to act on deals from mobile advertisements.

As you can easily see, a greater portion of the businesses that have utilized mobile marketing saw increase in their company activity and the number of mobile phone users, specifically individuals of Mobile phones, are continually raising.

Take an appearance at the result of a research conducted by Google [ if you need more explanations why you must embrace mobile marketing for your business 1 ]:
* As Smartphone possession increases, increasingly more people are also accessing the internet though their mobile phones.
* Customers continuously utilize their Smartphones while scanning online at home, at job, on the move, while in an outlet and everywhere else.
*Customers count on their Mobile phones to search for regional details at that point they do something about it.
* After looking for local details, 1 in 5 individuals buy.
* A minimum of FIFTY % of mobile customers get monthly on their Mobile phones.
* Mobile phones have the tendency to affect the investment decisions of consumers.
* Studio done through a Smartphone has the tendency to cause an investment either online or in-store.
This Google study result shows that people like the benefit mobile phones provide and they are swiftly conforming to the mobile marketplace.
Smartphones have just about become consumers’ primary shopping buddies. Smartphone users often tend to go online to check out the evaluations prior to getting an item they are taking into consideration. Statistics reveal that 54 % of females and 67 % of men mentioned that they prefer to consult their smart phone that ask a sales representative for support when at an outlet.
Smartphones are beneficial for comparing costs, searching for product details and finding a neighborhood retailer, this is based on 79 % of Mobile phone individuals.In-store Mobile phone User Behaviour

33 % Take photos
32 % Contrast prices
27 % Review item reviews online
26 % Browse a barcode
23 % Look for vouchers or utilize a discount coupon
TWENTY % Usage the outlet application
11 % Acquisition and pay at the register

As you may see, the least percentage is of those who make in-store investments. If it’s your outlet, you may increase your sales by delivering vouchers.
Considering that customers often compare costs looking for a much better deal, making your business available in mobile hunts may increase the chance that your item obtains assessed. When a consumer likes what you supply, she’ll likely make her acquisition from you.

Contact me at if you would like professional help setting up a mobile website that’s just right for your business. or our official facebook page…